What is refinancing?

Refinancing of a loan is replacing an existing loan or debt obligation with another obligation under different loan terms. With loan refinancing you might be able to reduce loan interest expenses, monthly repayment amount or consolidate few loans into one loan obligation.

Refinancing might be a good opportunity how to repay your existing expensive quick loan. Compared to quick loans refinancing usually offers you a longer loan period and the loan application process is more thorough. Reviewing of the loan application is more time consuming and the loan decision depends on your personal circumstances. A thorough analysis enables to assess the borrower’s previous credit history, capability to service the debt and the potential risk of default.

Banks usually offer refinancing of a loan if the borrower can provide a surety or a security deposit to the bank. Refinancing is a financial obligation. Therefore you should consider the loan terms carefully. As a result of a loan repayment default your loan debt might increase because of the late fees and any other fees associated with the debt collection process.

Advantages of refinancing with MONEYZEN

Reasonable interest rate

MONEYZEN loan interest rates are set as a result of the auction, this is the reason why MONEYZEN offers better terms than competitors.

Borrow up to €10 000

You can apply for an unsecured loan of up to 10 000 euros from MONEYZEN.

Loan period up to 3 years

You can borrow unsecured loan from MONEYZEN for up to 3 years.

Calculate repayment

Recommendations before applying for a loan


Consider carefully if you really need a loan and in which amount. If you are able to save the necessary amount monthly, you can avoid loan costs.


Investigate and compare the terms of several loan providers. So you can pick the best offer available. Remember to pay attention to the loan interest rate, annual percentage rate (APR) and what is the total repayment amount of the loan.


All your loan repayments should not exceed 33 percent of your total monthly income. This will enable you to continue repayments during a short period of unemployment, sick leave or after an accident.


Make sure that you have considered all additional terms and costs. Remember to examine all the loan terms and conditions written in small letters. Consult an expert if necessary to avoid additional obligations.