Consumer loan

A consumer loan is a loan to cover major one-off expenses (i.e home repairs, holidays, dental treatment) or to buy other necessary items (telephone, computer, furniture, home appliances etc.).

Renovation loan

A renovation loan is an unsecured consumer loan intended for furnishing or renovating a home or holiday home.

Travel loan

A travel loan is a consumer loan intended to cover additional expenses related to travel or travelling. Compared to a quick loan, a travel loan has a longer repayment period.

Health and beauty loan

A health loan is a consumer loan intended to quickly cover unexpected and significant medical and beauty treatment costs.


A car loan is a consumer loan intended for the purchase of a car or to cover car-related expenses. There are very few restrictions on taking a car loan compared to those offered by banks or leasing companies.

Education loan

An education loan is a loan intended to cover the costs of education and study-related expenses. Unlike a state-guaranteed student loan, an education loan is also available to part-time students or students on academic leave. Educational loans are also available to students whose studies last less than nine calendar months.

Refinance loan

A loan refinancing is the replacement of an existing loan commitment with a new loan. Refinancing can be used to save money on interest costs, reduce the amount you have to pay each month on a loan, or consolidate many different loan commitments into one.

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