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MONEYZEN is a financial portal that combines money, transparency and humanity, and enables people to help each other with money. You can get a quick and convenient consumer loan to cover unexpected expenses or earn a stable extra income by investing on flexible terms.

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  • loan amount up to €10 000
  • period up to 3 years
  • reasonable interest rate fixed for the whole loan period

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1800 €
500 € 10000 €
36 months
3 months 36 months

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65,99 €

The calculation is approximate. Loan conditions may vary depending on personal creditworthiness. A personalised offer will be sent after the loan application has been submitted.

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Consumer loan

A consumer loan is an unsecured loan intended to cover larger one-off expenses or to buy necessary items (e.g. household appliances, electronics, gardening equipment, sports equipment). It is easy to apply and you will receive a quick response.

Renovation loan

A renovation loan is an unsecured loan intended for furnishing or renovating a home or a holiday home. You can use the loan to cover expenses related to your home improvements (home repairs, buying furniture or updating interiors).

Travel loan

A travel loan is an unsecured consumer loan intended to cover travel expenses or additional costs related to travel. For example, you can use it to buy airline tickets, accommodation or travel insurance.

Health and beauty loan

A health and beauty loan is intended to cover unexpected or significant medical and beauty expenses. For example, it can be used to finance such procedures as dental treatment, laser eye surgery or plastic surgery.

Car loan

A car loan is an unsecured small loan intended for the purchase of a car or to cover car-related expenses. You can also use the loan to repair your car, boat or motorcycle, buy tyres or get regular maintenance.

Education loan

An education loan is intended to cover education and study-related expenses. Unlike a state-guaranteed student loan, an education loan is also available to students studying part-time or on academic leave. The loan is also suitable for financing short-term training.

Refinance loan

Refinancing a loan is the replacement of an existing loan commitment with a new unsecured loan. Refinancing can save you money on interest costs, reduce the amount you have to pay each month on a loan or consolidate many different loans into one. Refinancing a loan is a good way to pay back costly quick loans you have already taken.


By investing through MONEYZEN, you place your money in loan agreements that borrowers pay back with interest. You can invest as an individual or through a legal entity.

24 €
50 € 5000 €
24 months
1 month 48 months
10 %
5 % 25 %
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