Renovation loan

A renovation loan is an unsecured loan for renovating or furnishing an apartment, house or holiday home. You can use the loan to cover expenses related to your home improvements (home repairs, buying furniture or updating interiors).

1800 €
500 € 10000 €
36 months
3 months 36 months

Monthly payment

65,99 €

Arvutus on ligikaudne. Personaalsest krediidivõimekusest tingituna võivad tingimused erineda. Pakkumine edastatakse peale taotluse esitamist.

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Advantage of the MONEYZEN renovation loan

The interest rate of the MONEYZEN renovation loan is determined by an automatic low bidding process among investors and can be therefore more favourable than similar offers from competitors.

We offer unsecured renovation loan of up to 10 000 € for up to 3 years.

The financial service is provided by Moneyzen OÜ. Read the loan terms and conditions and consult an expert. Loan example: annual percentage rate 36,91%, loan amount 1000 €, fixed interest rate 21,52%, contract fee 3%, contribution to Zen Fund 0,9%, monthly administration fee 0,9%, period 24 months, monthly payment 54,64 €, total amount of payments 1350,38 € and total loan repayments 1350,38 €.

Who can apply?

MONEYZEN allows Estonian residents aged 18-73 years old to take out a loan if they have at least 450 € of official monthly income in their bank account.

We offer easy and fast unsecured loans from 500 € to 10 000 € with repayment periods from 3 months to 3 years.

In case you need help to repay a high interest SMS loan or a quick loan, apply for a consumer loan on the MONEYZEN platform. Based on the loan application submitted, MONEYZEN will tailor a personalised loan offer just for you, based on the investors’ offers.

Suggestions before applying for a loan

Compared to quick loan, the renovation loan is usually characterised by a longer period and thorough application process. Banks may also offer consumer loans provided additional collateral is available. Consumer loan is a financial obligation that must be repaid. Consider the loan terms carefully. As a result of loan repayment default your loan debt might increase due to reminder fees and other costs associated with the debt collection process.