MONEYZEN is a fast and convenient lending and investment platform that connects people through transparent and empathetic financial interactions.

We offer flexible loans and convenient investment opportunities.

For the borrower:

  • easy online application process
  • loan amount up to 10 000 €
  • period up to 3 years
  • reasonable interest rate fixed for the whole loan period
  • no collateral required
  • immediate loan payout


For the investor:

  • start investing with just 20 €
  • choose your interest rate and risk level
  • start earning steady extra income from the next month
  • reinvest and take advantage of compound interest
  • no service fees
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Small step. Big feeling.

Sometimes only a small piece of the whole is missing. A small movement to open the next door, to close an old chapter, to create new emotions, to feel the balance….

It’s a small push, but an important one.

About us

In the harmonious blend of two powerful words – Money and Zen, we find our purpose. Drawing inspiration from the serenity of Eastern philosophy, MONEYZEN is founded on the principles of peace and balance.

Much like a pristine sheet of origami paper, we believe that financial decisions should be as adaptable and transformative. With just a few considered folds, anyone can shape their financial future. Our platform empowers you to choose the terms that best align with your unique needs, whether you’re borrowing or lending.

Discover a realm where financial empowerment meets inner peace and where financial decisions are made with a mindful heart.

Our values

Drawing from the ideology of the MONEYZEN brand, which likens money to a clear sheet of origami paper, where a few simple folds can yield numerous intricate forms, the depicted shapes below vividly embody the core philosophy and values of MONEYZEN.


We’re a convenient financial platform where money is moved quickly and transactions are simple and easy. We’re just an e-mail or a phone call away to help you in any way we can.


We empower people to help each other with money by connecting them through transparent and empathetic financial interactions. We promote peace of mind and comfort for all by providing a human approach to money.


We are a secure and reliable financial partner that can help you cover unexpected expenses as well as earn a stable extra income. We operate on the principles of responsible lending.


With us, you can choose suitable conditions for borrowing money, or set up an investment strategy tailored to your needs, which can be adjusted at any time.

Responsible lending

We operate on the principles of responsible lending. Responsible lending allows borrowers to better understand their financial situation and the obligations of an additional loan. The aim of responsible lending is to prevent borrowers from falling into payment difficulties. Following the principle of responsible lending ensures that MONEYZEN’s loan agreements are of a higher quality than those of its competitors.

The MONEYZEN financial platform collects and analyses in depth information on the solvency and creditworthiness of each borrower in order to identify the borrower’s financial situation and the suitability of the proposed solution to the lending interest.

The thorough creditworthiness check ensures that loan offers are made to customers who can afford to borrow. A credit score is assigned to each borrower, reflecting the borrower’s ability to fulfil their obligations.

We provide information in clear and simple language about the services of the MONEYZEN financial platform. Clear information ensures that the consumer (borrower) can immediately assess whether the loan agreement offered meets their needs and financial situation, and what the risks are.