Make a fortune with MONEYZEN

Investing on MONEYZEN is convenient and easy. Earn a stable annual return of 14% on your savings and assets.

Key statistics

Established in 2014
€ 6,805,358
Intermediated loans
€ 4,358,113
Repaid loans
Fully automatic
Stable returns
€ 1,316,055
Paid interest

Investing is not a sprint

Investing is not a sprint, but an orienteering marathon. In order to see which direction to move on, you need to set and know your investment goals.

For example, you may want to raise money for your retirement, children's education, a caravan house or a summer house, or even a trip around the world.

Our investment strategies

There are three investments strategies a user can choose:

The difference is the risk categories of the loans included in these strategies. While the core and plus strategy include investments in the loans with low and high medium risk levels, the ultimate strategy covers investments in high risk loans as well. Besides that, a user can also set his or her own investment terms by selecting the interest rate and amounts he or she would like to invest in the loans with a specific risk level.

Investing on MONEYZEN is convenient and as easy as 1, 2, 3

You can start from €20. As an investor you can earn great returns with limited risks investing in short-term or long-term consumer credits.

Start by registering yourself as a portal user.
Choose a suitable investment strategy: Core, Plus or Ultimate strategy.
Transfer the money you want to invest to your MONEYZEN virtual account.

From here on, everything will happen automatically. All you have to do is watch your money grow. Repayments will be made directly to your MONEYZEN virtual account.

Why invest in MONEYZEN?

If you seek to earn a reasonable and stable return on your savings, we recommend investing in MONEYZEN. At MONEYZEN you can invest in peer to peer consumer credits without service fees, which the borrowers shall repay with interest in monthly instalments. The interest received is your revenue.

In MONEYZEN you can start investing with a smaller amount of money, even 100 euros. You can hedge the risks associated with investing, e.g.the risk to lose the money invested, by diversifying investments. In MONEYZEN, diversification is possible if you participate in the financing of as many different loan agreements as possible. In this way, each individual defaulted loan agreement would affect the performance of the entire investment portfolio as little as possible.

Investors from all countries of the European Economic Area can invest at MONEYZEN, and investors are subject to the rules of their home country regarding the payment of taxes on earned revenue in other countries. We recommend that you learn more about your local investment legislation and, if necessary, seek advice from your national tax authority.


What people say about us

I have been investing in MONEYZEN for over 6 years. I used to deposit my savings in a bank account, but today I am earning over 13% p.a. interest on the savings invested in MONEYZEN. I have never experienced such a good return anywhere else.



Investment portfolio over 2 thousands euros

I started investing in MONEYZEN last year and I'm very happy about that. Everything is very easy and convenient. Once a month, I transfer money to my virtual account, and the system invests it completely automatically. Highly recommend.



Investment portfolio below 1 thousand euros

I started investing in MONEYZEN in 2014 from only 100 euros. Today, the value of my portfolio exceeded 3 000 euros, although in the meantime I have paid out the most of the money deposited. In the near future I plan to start growing my investment portfolio again.



Investment portfolio over 3 thousands euros


Is P2P investment safe?
MONEYZEN is a peer-to-peer platform operating in Estonia since 2014 providing consumer credit under the supervision of Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority. MONEYZEN stands out for pursuing a conservative credit policy, which means loan applicants go through a very thorough screening and only solvent borrowers are eligible to receive a loan. For those new to P2P lending, experts suggest starting conservatively and also diversifying your investments. In other words, don’t lend all your money to one borrower. Instead, hedge your bets by lending just a bit of money to many borrowers.To achieve this, invest in all credit scoring ranges with the maximum possible loan period, but set the amount to be invested in each loan smaller. In this way, each individual defaulted loan agreement would affect the performance of the entire investment portfolio as little as possible. This is the best way to protect yourself against defaults. P2P lending can be as safe as you make it.
Does P2P lending still make money?
Yes it does. So far, MONEYZEN has issued almost 4 million euros in consumer credit to exclusively Estonian residents. Investors have earned a return on average 14% p.a. investing in MONEYZEN.
Who can invest in MONEYZEN?
You must be at least 18 years old to invest.You must be at least 18 years old to invest. It is possible to invest for natural persons living in the European Economic Area and legal entities registered there.
Is P2P lending taxable?
The requirements for natural and legal persons can also vary greatly from country to country. MONEYZEN does not provide information on its investors' earned revenue to the tax authorities of any country, nor does it withhold tax on the revenue earned by the investor. The obligation to declare the revenue earned and, if required, to pay tax on it rests with the investor.