How to invest?

Starting investing in MONEYZEN is simple:

1. Register

Register as a user in MONEYZEN portal. You will get the access to MONEYZEN lending portal. When you log in for the first time, choose investor as your role in the portal and submit the application data required for investing.

2. Transfer money to your virtual account in MONEYZEN

After receiving the transferred money in MONEYZEN portal, you can set your investment criteria, based on which MONEYZEN can start making loan offers on behalf of you. If you are investing for the first time in MONEYZEN with the amount exceeding 2 000 euros per month, a face-to-face verification of your identity is required. Read more about personal identification here.

3. Set investment criteria

Set your personal investment criteria in the environment of the financial portal MONEYZEN – the size of investments and interest rates complying with the credit score and loan periods of the borrower. Based on these conditions MONEYZEN will start making offers to borrowers automatically. You can set several investments portfolios with different investment criteria.

4. Transfer money from a virtual account to your investment portfolio account

Do not forget to transfer money from your virtual account in MONEYZEN to your investment portfolio account. Lending will take place only if there are sufficient funds in the portfolio account.

5. Watch your money grow

Prepare a suitable report form and specify the period, after which we should send a report to your e-mail. You can also view the results by logging in to the portal at any time.