New customer identity verification

If total outgoing payments from virtual account exceed 15 000 euros per calendar month in case of private person and 25 000 euros in case on legal entity, verification of your identity (face-to-face or using infotechnological means) is required. Please contact MONEYZEN customer support by phone +372 5885 5553 or via email [email protected] to verify your identity.


Choose a method to verify your identity

The identity can be verified at the MONEYZEN office or by information technology means. Read more about the digital identification conditions and the devices you need from here.


Agree on the time of identification

Contact MONEYZEN client service by phone +372 5885 5553 or email [email protected] and inform us about the desired method of identification and time.


Verify your personality

Make sure you have got a valid identity document (ID card or passport). Keep in mind the opening hours of the MONEYZEN office. In case of digital identification, read the guidelines provided on the portal and follow the MONEYZEN representative’s instructions.