Pre-contract information

In accordance with responsible lending requirements and obligation of submitting warnings provided for by the legislation and for assisting the borrower to make an informed loan decision, MoneyZen is obliged to submit to the borrower information on the significant loan conditions and obligations related to taking loans before concluding the loan contract.

The taking of the loan shall be decided by the borrower who shall assess the appropriateness of the loan product and conditions, based on the supplied information and warnings, for his (her) personal borrowing interest and financial condition, and shall be liable for any consequences resulting from the conclusion of the loan contract.

Taking a loan is a financial obligation and needs to be carefully considered. Before making a loan decision, please consider that the loan must be repaid with the interest. Consider carefully if you really need a loan or if there are other alternatives to borrowing. Compare the terms of several loan providers to pick the best offer. With the help of our customer support you can find a suitable and affordable solution. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists!

The borrower confirms that he or she has read the loan conditions and understands the potential consequences related to concluding the loan agreement and has to consider the provided information beforehand. If necessary our customer support is prepared to submit explanations and additional information to any additional questions.

Please direct your questions to our client support contacts on MoneyZen homepage. When considering a loan contract please pay attention to the following: