Price List (valid since 01.10.2019)

User account

Opening an user account

free of charge

Account management fee

free of charge

Deposit to virtual account

free of charge

Withdrawal from virtual account

0,50 euro

Registration of legal entity

10,00 euro

Borrower fees

Submitting a loan application

free of charge

Credit check fee

5,00 euro (attributing credit score)

Contract fe (% of Loan Amount)

3.0% (min. 25,00 euro)

ZenFund (% of loan amount)

0.5% (min. 20,00 euros) investors' compensation fund

Portal’s premium in loan interest rate

30% (incl. in loan contract interest rate)

Loan management fee (% of loan amount)

0-0,3% (max 12 euro) monthly

Contrtact early termination fee

up to 1% of the outstanding loan balance

Interest-only period agreement

10,00 euro

Change of payment date

5,00 euro

Overdue Charges

Overdue reminder for terminated contract

up to 50,00 euro

Overdue reminder

up to 5,00 euro

Notice of default to public credit register (90 days after due date)

15,00 euro


Purchase and sale of investment

1,2% of the outstanding amount of the investment to be divested

Investment sales offer

0,50 euro