Responsible lending

Mediation of loans in MONEYZEN peer to peer lending portal is based on the principles of responsible lending. Responsible lending enables borrower to understand better his/her financial status and the obligations arising from the additional loan. The objective of responsible lending is to prevent payment problems of borrowers. Following the principle ensures higher quality of loan transactions concluded in MONEYZEN financial portal as compared to the competitors.

MONEYZEN collects and analyses thoroughly the information concerning solvency and creditworthiness of each loan applicant in order to determine the financial condition of the borrower and to provide a suitable personal solution.

Thorough verification of creditworthiness ensures that loan offers are made to the customers who can afford taking a loan. MONEYZEN credit score is assigned to each loan applicant, which reflects one's capability to fulfil the taken obligation.

MONEYZEN provides information about the services of MONEYZEN financial portal in short and simple language. The explanatory information ensures that the consumer (borrower) can assess immediately if the offered loan contract meets his/her needs and current financial situation, and determine the risks related to borrowing.