MONEYZEN includes two words: Money and Zen. Zen symbolises the state of peace and balance in Eastern philosophy.

MONEYZEN is a peer-to-peer lending platform created for people, which interconnects money, transparency and humanity. MONEYZEN enables people to help each other with money. It is an honest, smart and humane way of mediating money, ensuring peace of mind and comfort for all parties.

MONEYZEN is like a clear sheet of paper in origami – Japanese paper folding art. With few folding operations, anyone can create several different figures. In MONEYZEN financial portal everyone decides for herself/himself, under which conditions to borrow or lend a loan.

Every following step in shaping a paper figure is like a personal decision of how to organise the financial matters. The borrower specifies the loan amount and the payment period, while the lender specifies the conditions, under which he or she agrees to grant a loan. Just as in origami, in MONEYZEN environment your financial earnings will be precisely as you have chosen. A small work of art created with your own hands. Be it a goldfish, an eagle or a dragon – car, house, good health or travel memories…



Our vision is to be the most preferred and reliable advisory financial portal for the new generation in the Nordic countries.


MONEYZEN as an advisory financial portal offers simple online peer-to-peer loan transactions and convenient investment possibilities with reasonable conditions.


MONEYZEN is a simple financial portal for peer-to-peer loans and investments.


MONEYZEN offers flexible conditions to its users for organising their financial matters.


MONEYZEN makes lending and borrowing easy and comfortable for everybody.


Lending with MONEYZEN is safe and reasonable.


In MONEYZEN all processes are quick and transfers are immediate.


MONEYZEN is an advisory peer-to-peer lending portal.