How to borrow?

1. Register as a user on MONEYZEN portal and accept the General Terms of Use

Registration as a user on MONEYZEN portal is fast and simple.

Fill in the data fields needed for registration, read and accept the general terms and conditions.

Click Register, and we will send the link for activating MONEYZEN (virtual) account to your e-mail address. By clicking on the link, you will confirm the request to become a user of MONEYZEN portal. Now you have personal MONEYZEN (virtual) account in the portal.


2. Fill in the loan application

Log in to MONEYZEN as a user. Choose your desired loan amount and period. Fill in the loan application form and upload your bank account statement and a copy of your identification document. Submit the application. Make a 1 cent payment to MONEYZEN bank account to verify your bank account. Portal will find the best loan offer for you.

3. Accept the loan offer and conclude the loan agreement

If the loan offer suits you, accept and confirm it. If the loan offer does not meet your expectations, decline it. The portal will confirm cancellation of the loan offer via e-mail. All loan offers are valid for 3 days.

4. Loan will be disbursed to your virtual account in the Portal

To start using your loan, transfer it from MONEYZEN (virtual) account to your personal bank account.

5. Make the loan repayments according to the loan agreement payment schedule

Loan repayments will be automatically withdrawn from your MONEYZEN (virtual) account.

You must transfer the sum needed for loan repayment from your personal bank account to your MONEYZEN (virtual) account. Be careful to ensure that monthly payments are made in time!

6. In case you need to amend the contract conditions, please contact MONEYZEN customer support

Life is constantly changing and sometimes unforeseeable situations can occur. If there is a risk that repayment of your loan obligation could be late, please contact us immediately. We will find the best solution for you!