What is the loan?

Loan is a financial agreement pursuant to which the lender gives money to the borrower for usage. The loan is for charge - the lender is willing to receive the fee for lending the money, which is usually interest.

The loan has a maturity date - each loan is a financial obligation that must be repaid by the maturity date. Loan conditions - loan amount, loan period, payment schedule, interest rate, penalty, other overdue charges, collaterals and other conditions are agreed in the loan contract. Each loan is a financial obligation that must be repaid. Consider the loan terms carefully. As a result of loan repayment default your loan debt might increase due to reminder fees and other costs associated with the debt collection process.

Why to borrow from MoneyZen?

  • Reasonable interest rate
  • Borrow up to €10 000
  • Loan period up to 7 years

Recommendations before applying for a loan

  1. Consider carefully if you really need a loan and in which amount Why?
  2. Investigate and compare the terms of several loan providers Why?
  3. All your loan repayments should not exceed 33 percent of your total monthly income Why?
  4. Make sure that you have considered all additional terms and costs Why?